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Dec 30, 2012 6:00am EST
have spent decades in the wilderness and he was the one that found a way to bring them into the majority in the house. how do you balance the pluses and minuses? >> there is not any question that that effort to paint a picture of jim wright's service laid the foundation for a majority. that was a healthy thing. i do not believe it was a good thing -- we have been in that for far too long. appropriations committees work is where either you spend money or you do not. ideally, you are here to work with one another to be as responsive as possible to your own constituents and taxpayers. within the committee itself, the more we can talk to each other as individuals and human beings, the better off the institution will be. >> the kinds of organizations that track members' votes, when they look at yours, saw an ad and earlier you more frequently crossed the aisle to vote with democrats. in your later service, 96% rating. is that reflective -- you tell me. did the house change? >> it is a reflection of polarization that takes place at a leadership level. party loyalty is importa
Dec 17, 2012 2:00am EST
american ingenuity brought rail service through the wilderness, from coast to coast, in the kit -- recent decades, the u.s. has failed to invest in the modern fail -- modern system. instead of developing energy efficient mass transit, we have allowed our rail systems to deteriorate. we are not just lagging. we are not even trying to innovate. that is not the american way. i fully understand the tremendous value of access to high-speed passenger rail service along the northeast corridor. it is the busiest rail line in the united states and it is the only amtrak segment that runs a surplus. is making a profit. of all of the places in our nation, high-speed rail makes most sense along the northeast corridor, which features the most congested road, the densest population, and it has the writer -- ridership to make a profit. from washington to boston, the amtrak stations are located right in city centers. the north east region also has the densest population in the country. 20% of the nation's entire population lived in just this 2% of our land area and our great country. 70% of all chronicall
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2